Mustad Eiendom faced a classic challenge; How to reduce vacancies in an existing building? Based on 2D floor plans and sections drawings, we modeled the space in a manner that accurately presented dimensions. Pictures were also taken (drone/photos) of the view for a realistic presentation. 

After modeling the space, we explored various floor plan solutions. Once a few good options had been developed, we collaborated with the landlord to realize the option resulting in the best use of the premises. Based on the desire for a high price per square meter, 3D Estate was given the confidence to design the interior. 

Following we present the final renders for Lilleakerveien 10.

 Following we present the final renders for Lilleakerveien 8. 

The price per square meter in these premises are somewhat lower than in number 10, which also reflected in the design. 3D Estate created two versions, dark and light, respectively. 

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