A large development project is being built downtown Oslo by one of Norways leading real estate companies, Entra. As their visualization partner, 3D Estate has visualized the prestigious project. Tulinkvartalet consists of several new office buildings, the new Faculty of Law and most importantly a new vibrant urban floor for the enjoyment of the community.

In addition to location and size, this project is unique in several ways. The spectacular construction of lights showing the way into the new block gives a vibrant feel supporting their artistic vision. The light concept has been developed by Void AS and became a key component in the marketing. 

In order to generate attention and interest, a project film was made to use in both presentations and traditional and social media. The film was developed in collaboration with Ice Cube Media presenting the project using a combination of real footage and animation.

3D Estate has also produced visualizations to highlight the qualities of the project, as well as tailored 3D renders to attract specific tenants. Browse the carousel below for a selection of images from the project.