A high-rise is being built in downtown Bodø, Northern Norway, with an exciting composition of hotels on the first floors and exclusive high-end apartments in the skyline. The target group for the project was well-established individuals searching for that little extra something and it was important to highlight the unique view. In addition to a floor plans, 3D Estate was also in charge of interior design.

The developer initially wanted one 3D render of the exterior and another of the interior for the landing page in order to commence the gathering of interested parties as soon as possible. 

Browse the carousel below to view the images for the landing page.  


Parallel with the gathering of interested parties, we developed several exterior images and created 3D renders of all the unique units in the project to be used in prospectus, website and advertising.

With a great focus of gathering interested parties through strategic advertising with solid marketing materials, these apartments we sold out in only three months. 

Below, you can view a selection of the 3D renders we created.