3D Estate is one of the top companies in the Nordic region using 3D technology for the unique display of real estate.

Growing steadily since 2013

About us

We're continually evaluating the best ways to employ 3D, gaming, and online technology to visualize, provide insight to, and understand future real estate projects.

This is how we establish a new benchmark for visualizing modern residences, workplaces, cottages, and cities.


Our products and solutions must create value for our customers, and make work with the sale and letting of property more efficient for developers, administrators, authorities and end customers.
Creating value
When we think about professionalism, we consider clear communication, systematic procedures, and timely and cost-effective delivery. We are a trustworthy project partner!
Innovation has been a key component of our identity ever since the company's inception. We continually invest time and money into the creation of new property visualization and communication technologies.
We have extensive knowledge and experience in everything from 3D to architecture, interior design, game development, and project management. Together, we advance both our customers and ourselves.
Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds in the property and creative industries. In the application for innovative answers to the difficulties we are given, we make room for play and creative expression.
Simply put, we are so passionate about what we do that it fosters enthusiasm both internally and while speaking with customers about all the fascinating projects we work on.

3D estate was founded in 2013 with the aim of improving how property was presented. Since then, we have developed our photorealistic 3D images, engaging animations and interactive 3D models through thousands of deliveries and collaborations with leading developers and property managers in Norway.


Our Offices
Oslo (HQ)
Sagveien 21A, 0459 Oslo, Norway

Nova Iskra Workspace, Dorcol
Cara Uroša 18, Beograd 11000, Serbia